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MC100 Electric Wire Connection v3

The sample for MC100

MC100 PRO Review - Best Soundcard For Mobile & PC For Condensor Microphone & Bm 800 Mic

Hi , In this video we will see why MC 100 Pro by Xtreme Acoustics is one of the best external sound card for your condensor microphone which ccan be used with laptop / pc and mobile devices. We will do unboxing and audio test with BM 800 condensor microphone \u0026 iPhone. Enjoy.

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Equipments I Use :
♾ Canon M50 Camera :​​​​​
♾ Fifine USB Condensor Mic :​​​​​
♾ Maono USB Condensor Mic :​​​​​
♾ Rode NT1A Mic :​​​​​
♾ Arturia MiniLab Midi :​​
♾ Soundcard MC100 Pro :
♾ Boya Mic :​​​​​
♾ Mobile Phone OTG for USB Mic :​​​​​
♾ Soundcard For Mobile :​​​​​
♾ XLR Cable To Mobile :​​​​​
♾ Mic Stand Full :​​​​​
♾ Table Arm Mic Stand :​​​​​
♾ Digitek Ring Light :​​​​​
♾ Macbook Pro :​​​​​
♾ Backdrop :​​​​​
♾ Backdrop Stand Kit :​​​​​
♾ Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones :​​​​​
♾ Behringer U-Phoria Audio Interface :​​​​​
♾ Mic XLR Cable :​​​​​
♾ Pop Filter :​​​​​
♾ Behringer Studio Headphones :​​​​​
♾ Audacity :​

Know Hip Hop | Episode #166​​ - MC100 PRO Review - Best Soundcard For Mobile \u0026 PC For Condensor Microphone \u0026 Bm 800

#KNOWHIPHOP​​​​​ - First ever Indian / Desi Hip Hop Series which gives comprehensive details about Hip Hop culture , its roots and updates via well researched information.It also empowers artists and hip hop heads by letting them access the information which they have always been wanted to dig about this beautiful culture. Whether you're a fan, an MC-in-the-making, or a future Hip Hop superstar, #KnowHipHop​​​​​ is for you so subscribe the channel and always stay HIP :)

Host : Sultan
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Sultan Nation : Buy MC100 Pro For 3500/- Only On Amazon :
Bundle Kit :
Bhaiyon Agar Video Se Kuch Sikhne Ko Mila To Pyar Do. Let's Target 1000 Likes & 500 Comments On This One .
Music Lover : Bro please make a song live write lyrics and do mix master live Please do this
Shivansh Mehrotra : A really helpful video!! But can we record our electronic Instruments in the "ACCOMPANY" port?
Anuradha Bhoyar : can you kindly tell how can we hear our song recording from external speakers simultaneously while recording the song via any external mic from mobile or laptop?
RAAAG : So if we take this sound card, then we don't need to get a phantom power supply?

I Survived 100 Days on ONE ASTEROID in Hardcore Minecraft... Here's What Happened

I Survived 100 Days on ONE ASTEROID in Hardcore Minecraft
Watch my HARDCORE MINECRAFT SERIES:\u0026list=PLqyCqmSEa8cTCIGr9Q4XofgKnIxX_vRbP

I Survived 100 Days on ONE ASTEROID in Hardcore Minecraft! In this challenge, I have a ray gun that can shoot and blow up asteroids, satellites, and UFOs that fly by me for resources! To make it even more exciting, the asteroid I stand on expands every 20 DAYS! There is also NO OXYGEN... will I be able to survive and defeat the Ender Dragon? Keep watching to find out!

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》Animation by DareSix
》Datapack created by Silicat

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100 Days on ONE LUCKY BLOCK:

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